Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan

An Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan That Protects

Do summers seem warmer than they used to be in Ontario? Air conditioners are more important than ever in keeping your home comfortable all summer long. With a ClimateCare air conditioner maintenance plan, your local ClimateCare member is always on call. A WeCare Air Conditioner Maintenance plan will cover seasonal maintenance and any necessary air conditioner repair, regardless of the cause. Service is always performed by professional technicians, local experts with your best interest and comfort in mind.

A WeCare HVAC system maintenance plan can be customized to cover all of your home heating and cooling products.

What’s Included in the WeCare Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan

Seasonal maintenance on your air conditioning units is more important than you realize. While regular cleaning and maintenance helps to prevent problems, it will also keep the system operating efficiently. That’s going to save you money in the short term with lower utility bills and over the long term with a well cared for air conditioner that lasts for years and years. Your local ClimateCare member will take care of all the following maintenance tasks:

  • Air filter cleaning or replacement
  • Drain cleaning and vacuuming
  • Air conditioner coil and fin cleaning
  • Monitoring coolant levels
  • All in all a 18 point air conditioner maintenance checklist is performed
  • Complete system inspection
  • Plus a discount off regular labour rates if repairs are ever required

Let’s face it, most of us don’t make the time to do this type of work, much less know how to do it properly. With a WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plan, you don’t have to worry about any air conditioner repair or maintenance.

Need service right away?


WeCare HVAC System Protection Plus Plans Cover Everything

Our maintenance plans includes cleaning service. Additional coverage includes:

  • All parts (with a few exceptions) and labour
  • No additional cost for after-hours service calls
  • Certified professional technicians
  • Prioritized appointments
  • 20% discount on repairs

Members of the ClimateCare team are locally owned businesses. Working with them is a breath of fresh air. You support the local economy and get, absolutely, the best and friendliest service available for your home comfort needs.

Contact your Brockville ClimateCare member to find out more about the WeCare Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan and how to make your air conditioner maintenance simple.

Request a service call from TRS, a ClimateCare service specialist. Emergency service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After hours calls are responded to within 60 minutes – guaranteed!


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