Radiant Floor Heating

How Radiant Floor Heating Systems Work

A process called radiant heat transfer is the core concept behind radiant heating systems. It is an effective method of keeping you and your home warm throughout the winter.

While it’s not overly advanced with jargon-filled science and technology, the way radiant heating systems work does differ from traditional methods such as furnacesboilersfireplacesgeothermal or hydronics heating.

They operate by delivering heat directly from a hot surface to the individuals and objects in the room via the radiation of heat, or infrared radiation. Because the surface that’s being heated in these systems is often the floor, this method is also known as radiant floor heating or in-floor heating. And while it’s not quite as extreme as walking on top of a stove, it provides you with warmth that reaches every person in the room.

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Why ClimateCare is Your Choice for Radiant Heating Systems

If you’re interested in learning more about radiant floor heating, there are several advantages to working with ClimateCare for everything from answers to your questions to long-term service and maintenance that’ll ensure your home stays warm all winter.

  • We’re a co-op, wholly owned by our members, so working with us means supporting your local economy
  • We offer a wide range of choice for quality radiant heating systems and other products
  • We provide you with flexible options for financing
  • We focus on building long-term relationships with you
  • We provide you with maintenance and protection plans that guarantee quality service for any issues you experience with your home heating systems
  • We hold our contractors to the highest standards, requiring them to have all necessary licenses and certifications and pass a rigorous screening process to become a member of the ClimateCare team

If radiant heating sounds like the right choice for your home this winter, contact us or request a quote and learn more about how we can help you today!

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