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Today, Jordan & Cody installed our new AC, they removed the old unit, took away all the garbage and did a professional and quality installation of the new AC unit. They were friendly, couteous and professional. I higly recomend TRS heating & Cooling
Ray Labelle
Furnace stopped working and TRS was there on a Friday afternoon, 3 hours after the initial call. The technician was friendly and professional. Fixed the issue quickly and sent multiple photos for records. I was so impressed, I signed up for the maintenance plan with TRS. Highly recommend this company in the Brockville area!
Shawn Langille
Cody and Ethan arrived on time and confirmed the work to be done. They were polite, professional and pleasant to have on site. Their work was professionally completed and the area was left tidy. We were very pleased with the work. We have had all of our heating and cooling work in our home completed by TRS and continue to be satisfied. I would not hesitate in recommending them. Thank you Teresa Clow
Teresa Clow
Great service! Reliable and trustworthy.
Autumn Lynds
Sadly this company did us dirty recently. Installation went well 18 months ago and we paid our bill same day. This past fall we had a terrible time with the administrative assistant. I’ve come to find out via social media that we have been scammed and many people are posting about our identical story. I think they have great guys working for them but the admin calling us over and over for warranty service after we said we can’t take the time off work was already harassing and we should have known something was wrong on the fourth call. Instead We finally said fine come do what you have to do for the warranty. It was definitely clear to us that this was under warranty. Then to surprise bill us for said warranty work was a scam. It’s been an ordeal. We got the bill in the mail Monday and an email Tuesday that we would be in collections by the 8th. How does that even make sense? There is more but I’m exhausted of the situation and very disappointed.
Alleigh Knox